BEYONCÉ is iTunes' Fastest Selling Album Ever

Numbers are in: Beyoncé sold 828,773 copies of her fifth album, in THREE DAYS.

Selling 828,773 copies internationally in just three days, BEYONCÉ now holds the iTunes record for fastest selling album. (As Vulture points out, that puts around $13 million in the bank for Yoncé and her label, Columbia—so, in three days, just about half of what JAY Z's entire Samsung partnership was reportedly worth.) This is Beyoncé's career-best sales week; critic Jody Rosen's November argument that “there’s no mistaking it: Beyoncé, Rihanna, Gaga…they’re all vying for second place [to Taylor Swift]” might need revising.

Cake by the pound:

BEYONCÉ is iTunes' Fastest Selling Album Ever