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Video: Lil Durk, "52 Bars Part 3"

Chicago's Lil Durk delivers the third installment of his no-hook, no nonsense "52 Bars" series (christened on the intro of his 2012 Life Ain't No Joke tape). As always, it's an excuse for him to flex. His biggest hits aren't necessarily known for their lyrical intricacies—songs like "Dis Ain't What You Want" achieve more with bluntness (They say I terrify my city)—but here he's technically ferocious, hurtling break-neck through its two-odd minutes. Durk's Signed To The Streets tape remains one of the best Chicago rap full-lengths of the year; his Def Jam debut is expected in 2014.

Video: Lil Durk, "52 Bars Part 3"