Kanye West Addresses Accusations of Anti-Semitism


Last month the Anti-Defamation League accused Kanye West of anti-Semitism, for saying “Black people don’t have the same level of connections as Jewish people,” during a November interview with New York’s Power 106. Today, talking with Chicago’s B96, Kanye addressed the ADL’s accusations. “I thought that I was giving a compliment, but if anything it came off more ignorant…It was kinda like an ignorant compliment,” he said. Everyone laughed while Kanye continued, “I thought by saying like everyone had money, that was a compliment…So maybe I would take that statement away.”

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  1. xelha says:

    He had better take that sheet back if he still wanna perform in Tel Aviv and not have the ADL and AIPAC and the MOSSAD on his ass.

  2. xelha says:

    His management told him he better take that sh%t back if he ever wants to perform in Tel Aviv again and doesn’t want the ADL, AIPAC, and the MOSSAD on his a$$ (dolla signs fo’ realz).

  3. Strawberry says:

    Kanye has a valid point. But ppl right now are such political correctness witch hunters. Waiting for the instant someone says something a little racy or challenging so they can box you in and write you off. That’ attitude is fucked up it seriously feels like we’ve regressed to the medieval inquisition again.

    More than 60% of all employed Jews are in one of the three highest status job categories: professional/technical (41%), management and executive (13%), and business and finance (7%). In contrast, 46% of all Americans work in these three high status areas, including 29% in professional/technical jobs, 12% in management and executive positions, and 5% in business and finance.


    so according to the jewish federations not only do jews have more connections than black people but more than any other population.

    dont back down ye. you’re are a true hero to many and a voice for many blacks and non blacks alike <3

  4. SANTANA says:

    I’m sorry, Strawberry,

    But you are misinterpreting your date. First, the data doesn’t say they are more connected, just in better positions; you are the one assigning the causation to “connections”.

    Second, it is not “more than any other population”, but more than all other populations combined. You may just find another ethnic group with a higher percentage of their population in so-called highest status job categories.

  5. Strawberry says:

    i feel ur apology was a bit patronizing. like ur not trying to have a conversation with me about this ur just witch hunting for technical things that are wrong with my post. It’s pretentious! Discouraging. You could scare other people who don’t want to “look stupid” off. im not afraid to potentially say something wrong here and since I feel that what kanye said has truth i’d be curious to know more why you think differently?

    im assigning the effects of being in a “better position” as someone who is “connected” because that makes the most logical sense to me. Can you give me an example of how someone can be connected, have authority, and not be in a better position? Then bigger picture can anyone show me evidence against the idea that there are more jews at the top of the chain in any high status job categories than blacks? Or maybe specifically with regards to the entertainment industry… the content providers… the art and fashion world?

    I’m ultimately not trying to make definitive statements here and I’m keeping an open mind but lets have a conversation not a you vs me war. I don’t want a war with you or anyone. I just want to be real and understand this issue and one another. I’m fully willing to acknowledge my ignorance, to be vulnerable, and change my opinion if someone can help me see things differently. This is what comments are for. Maybe this is a bit loaded for the FADER forum but I think fader probably has readers that would want to engage in this conversation. But lets do so with courtesy and respect because first, we are in this together and second, i’m a human too.

  6. SANTANA says:


    I wasn’t trying to be patronizing, only trying to point out two points you made that I thought needed clarification. I’m not trying to go to war either. I am also not arguing with your assumption that Jews in America may be statistically better positioned than African Americans, or their outsize roles in our media.

    But I also would like to point out that Jews historically held finance and entertainment occupations because those were the areas of the economy open to them when those jobs were seen as below the position of decent people.

    Additionally, I think Jewish culture places a strong emphasis on educational excellence. There is a reason that the doctor is stereotypically the most coveted career in Judaism; it is a stable, in demand role, but it also represents the highest level of educational achievement.

  7. Strawberry says:

    Thanks Santana definitely was helpful to read/put into perspective the demand that jews do place on education excellence. that’s a solid point. And I absolutely agree education and standards of education are monumental in society placement. That’s certainly in my opinion where part of this inequality stems from.

    I think in the US the public education system has been so neglected over the past 20 years. It desperately needs to be reformed. Especially now that we live in an age where access to quality course material is readily available at our fingertips. However that evolution demands a different role from teachers and the institutions themselves. Students today can navigate the landscape and gain perspectives from so many greater angles than ever before. Someone still needs to guide their course however. When I went through school it was nothing but a drill in memorization. It was boot camp to pass a test and get the grade and not actually learn anything. I went to school in a very small poor town and this affected my education. Income affects education drastically to this day.

    A big part of a quality education is access. access to ideas and information and well trained / educated instructors. Any smart kid today that lives in a poor small town like I did now has the ability to figure a lot of shit out for themselves. It’s liberating. However the public education system needs to acknowledge this and catch up and start to challenge and accommodate to our chang(ed)ing society. Critical thinking is so undermined in the public education system today and it’s such a fundamental essential that’s been completely lost [yolo].

    So of course it’s not a jews fault that they are at the top of the game and are ‘running shit’ but I try to scale back and ask myself well what does that all imply? inequalities. Where do those inequalities begin? Expectations, education, access, resources, standards of living, and so forth. It’s heavy shit. I feel empathetic because I wonder what the situation would be like if our public education system wasn’t so fucking shitty here in the states and whether or not you had a trust fund or were living on welfare we all still deserve the same education. It will only benefit EVERYONE.

    KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! [definitive statement]