Stream Wise Blood’s Get ‘Em Mixtape

Listen to a conceptual mixtape from Wise Blood, built from samples he wasn’t able to clear for his 2013 album, Id.

January 09, 2014


Since we first started hearing from him in 2010, Pittsburgh's Chris Laufman, aka Wise Blood, has been flexing his skills cobbling together tightly crafted, sing-along anthems from an eclectic stew of appropriated sound bits. Recently, he's recently been messing with some samples that he wasn't able to clear for his 2013 album, Id, ripping sounds from his favorite CDs and YouTubes and then passing them back and forth between his computer and some analog recording equipment. The resulting mixtape, Get 'Em, which you can stream in full below, is less a collection of songs than a smattering of loose, dreamlike, melodic sound collages, conceptually inspired by the manner in which intellectual property travels in these technology-saturated times. "I wanted to do it after I watched my cousin download a movie on an iPad, watch it on the T.V. then recorded some of the movie for a Vine, he says. "I like that the original material is literally traveling from device to device and then ending up back where it started, but now it has some fucking mileage on it."

Stream: Wise Blood, Get 'Em

Stream Wise Blood’s Get ‘Em Mixtape