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Alex Mullins' New Wild West Collection

Alex Mullins is a special talent—just the collection he made as his graduation thesis from fashion college in the UK grabbed our attention enough to make us want to chat with him about his many inspirations. He told us at the time that there were about a million things on his moodboard—Cher, John Waters, the apocalypse—but tucked in our conversation was a mention that his love for fringe and oversized swagger came in part from old cowboy movies and videos of rodeo stars, a theme he's extended here for his first big collection that showed this week as part of London Collections: Men. Of course, it's not only that simple: Mullins was trying to dream up what a modern day cowboy would wear if he lived in London today, which means he mixed the dusty Levi's vibe with graffiti prints, abstract paintings and blue velvet. But whatever the the combo, it's definitely one of the best men's showings of the seasons.

Alex Mullins' New Wild West Collection