Stream: Illum Sphere feat. ShadowBox, “Embryonic”

Stream the ShadowBox-sung “Embryonic,” a cut from Illum Sphere’s upcoming Ninja Tune debut, Ghosts of Then and Now.

January 13, 2014


Like Hoya: Hoya, the Manchester club night he founded with Jonny Dub in 2008, Northern England's Ryan Hunn, bka Illum Sphere, is less known for hawking a singular style than for effortlessly jumping all over the place. On "Embyronic," the ShadowBox-sung lead single from his upcoming record, The Ghosts of Then And Now, he keeps time with some wispy brush sounds and jazzy xylophone licks, all but engulfing his own production at times with a pentatonic vocal scale that sounds more like a line out of a musical than anything you'd expect to hear on dance track. Ghosts of Then and Now is out February 10th via Ninja Tune. Read our Dollars to Pounds profile on Illum Sphere and Hoya: Hoya here.

Stream: Illum Sphere feat. Shadowbox, "Embryonic"

Stream: Illum Sphere feat. ShadowBox, “Embryonic”