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Stream: ingMob, "Human Beans"

Who but an organic chemist to call his song "Human Beans." Such is the mind of Raymond Weitekamp, a CalTech PhD candidate by day and serious tinkerer building his own gear by night. He's releasing his debut album as ingMob, called Marrow, on February 11th via his own label, Rawwerks. "Human Beans" scores big points for me by flirting with my favorite, dismissive-sounding genre, folktronica—there are inklings of breakbeats and popping glitches underscoring some sweet guitar work and soft singing. Frickin pretty; hearing it also makes me feel like my brain is projecting the word ARCHITECTURE really big behind my eyes, all of which adds up to something very good.

Stream: ingMob, "Human Beans"

1. i/o
2. Subbasement
3. Makes Pace
4. Feo
5. mmm
6. Human Beans
7. 12 steppin’
8. Echo Mountain
9. Venture Anon
10. Embankment

Stream: ingMob, "Human Beans"