Stream: Prolife, “Overheated”

Stream “Overheated,” a track from Melbourne duo Proflife’s upcoming seven-inch on Sacred Bones.

January 16, 2014


Prolife is the Melbourne, Australia-based duo of James Dalgliesh and Nicholas Kuceli, formerly vocalist/guitarist and saxophonist of local post-punk outfit Slug Guts, respectively. As though to dispel the more controversial implications of their name, they call themselves an "anti-suicide band," though Suicide—the group, not the act—is the first thing that comes to mind when describing their pointedly austere sound, with its minimal, repetitive beat work and ominous, deadpan incantations. "Overheated" is the a-side of a seven-inch that's out February 4th via Sacred Bones, and it's threaded through with enough throbbing, needling texture to make you want to play it all over again once it's done, if only to catch all the detail.

Stream: Prolife, "Overheated"

Stream: Prolife, “Overheated”