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Download Skipper’s Wet 2 Mixtape

A proud step forward from one of HBK Gang’s secret weapons.

January 21, 2014

Skipper, a secret weapon of the Bay's HBK Gang, has released his Wet 2 project, the follow-up to his 2012 debut. Its fourteen tracks range from HBK's trademark casual slap (see "That's My Word" and "Never Enough") to syrupy, body-rolling soundtracks ("Make U Feel," "Cover Girl"). He's kept the features and production within the HBK family: Iamsu!, Jay Ant, Dave Steezy, P-Lo, and Kuya Beats all contribute. As for what's changed since the first Wet tape, Skipper says he's been focused on personal progression. "I was really critical on trying to make this one go above and beyond what the original Wet did. From sound quality with the music, all the way down to my lyricism, I pushed myself further, tried new things, learned from what I did on the first go around to create a project that I can be proud for anyone to listen to," he wrote via email.

Download: Skipper, Wet 2

Download Skipper’s Wet 2 Mixtape