Selena, “Dreaming Of You (Nire’s Corpus Christi Club Mix)” MP3



Queens-based DJ/producer Nire soundtracks cuffing season’s listless third quarter with a bass remix of Selena’s turbo-infatuation classic, “Dreaming Of You.” With stuttering percussion and a ghostly sample of Selena whispering corazon, the originally sweet, earnest song becomes both clubbier and eerier, particularly given that the remix is named after the city where the beloved singer was murdered. Nire’s debut album One Never Know Do One, with an all-female roster of vocal features including Maluca, Jasmine Solano, Tennille, and more, is forthcoming; she’ll also be featured on Folie Deuce’s Cold Confessions.

Download: Selena, “Dreaming Of You (Nire’s Corpus Christi Club Mix)”

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  1. Megan says:


  2. Reason says:

    Nothing but waves.

  3. Mai says:

    a brilliant remix I got goose bumbs

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  5. holy guacomole so eerie gangster steez right here what an homage too such a beautiful n talented female organism a positive force that prevails thru time n space like these sick breaks n loving comforting tones transmitting via hells kitchen all the way thru this here cyberspace. hot damn this will b appreciated by all demogeaphics from lake jackson texas to mars n beyond. what a zone this spins the homies into. focus. rock on la femme belle

  6. Natalia Ciolko says:

    Corpus Christi is Selena’s hometown, too.