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Video: Justin Bieber f. Chance the Rapper, "Confident"

Right now in real life, Justin Bieber is in Toronto turning himself over to the police following charges of criminal assault; but in this slick, new Colin Tilley-directed "Confident" video, he's just slipped through a convenience store's backdoor and into the night half the world the way after an Emma Roberts look-alike (named Lynn?). He's got the beginning of a mustache and a literally/figuratively corny pick-up line at the ready -- "Takis? What are Takis? I would like to talk-i to you on the phone! -- and though he doesn't get to the bottom of his what's your nationality, I wonder if there are more of you conundrum, he does (spoiler alert) eventually get the girl. Also, it looks like he lent Chance the Rapper a pair of starter-drop crotch pants to wear for his biggest look to date. "Confident" follows "All That Matters" as the second single of Journals, which is out now.

Posted: January 29, 2014
Video: Justin Bieber f. Chance the Rapper, "Confident"