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Download Lotic's Radio Peligrosa Mix


Houston-born, Berlin-based Lotic is a producer you can now rely on to go hard—his "rage and fury"-inspired mixtape for us back in October was unrelenting in it's genre clashing, sounds smashing into each other like hammers into glass. A new mix for Radio Peligrosa is just as tough and weird and wonderful. Lotic's always careful to have some moments of softer, smoother rhythm, so don't worry if you need a bit of respite—there's also a Selena finale that nearly brought a tear to my eye. Listen below to both the Radio Peligrosa set and our own FADER mix.

Download Lotic's Radio Peligrosa Mix

Download Lotic's FADER Mix

Posted: January 30, 2014
Download Lotic's Radio Peligrosa Mix