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Stream: Palmistry, "Free Indeed" Mix

DIS magazine just cobbled together some heavenly animated graphics and released its first official mix of 2014; it's from London producer Palmistry, the dude who dropped some pretty infectious singles on Mixpak and Presto!? last year in addition to making beats for the mysterious, Cantonese-rapping MC Triad God. It's pretty much all originals, including oodles of pan-world instrument sounds and two brand new Triad God cuts, titled "So Pay La" and "Dai Goi Sugar Pum Pum in Namco Arcade." Kudos to you if you know what that means, and double kudos to anyone who can explain how it relates to the theme of this mix, which is "lo-fi tropical pop ease."

Stream: Palmistry, "Free Indeed" mix

Palmistry - Lil Gem (Drownin' Edit)
Palmistry - Ascensión feat. Ulique & Blaze Kid
Triad God - So Pay La (prod. by Palmistry)
I-Octane & Max B - In My Heart II (Palmistry edit)
Palmistry - DROPdrip
Triad God - Dai Goi Sugar Pum Pum in Namco Arcade (prod. by Palmistry)
Ms Thing & Psychoband - Bonify Raw
Palmistry - Vapore
Palmistry - Protector
Alkaline - Gyal Bruk Out
Palmistry - Catch
Palmistry - Goin' In Freestyle feat. Blaze Kid
Cumbia Tornado [E+E Remix] (Palmistry Edit)
Palmistry - Neoprene
Palmistry (Lil Gem Ep) - Baby Yaga

Stream: Palmistry, "Free Indeed" Mix