FADER Mix: Zed Bias

Longtime UK big-timer Zed Bias, a well-regarded practitioner of garage and all things bass, hooked up this week's FADER mix, rife with a bunch of personal dubs and VIPs, plus tracks from the SWAMP81 camp. His Boss LP came out through the label earlier this winter. A short interview and tracklist can be found below the mix.

Download: Zed Bias' FADER Mix

Describe where you are right now. What’s around you? I'm in my studio. Lots of synths and smoke. Strobe lights.

What’s this mix like? This mix is a fair representation of what I'm playing in my sets right now. Lots of specials.

What was something you read last year that you identified with, or were affected by? A book by Lloyd Bradley called Sounds like London—100 Years of Black Music in London. I was affected by it just by being a part of it. It's a deep read. I'm very proud to have contributed.

What's something you buy that's an indulgence? Take-away coffee.

What do you like to cook and how do you make it? Too many dishes to mention! I make a mean Mexican now and then, all from raw ingredients. No El Paso sauces.

1 - Boss Skank - Zed Bias (Swamp81)
2 - Handy Clue - Paleman (School records)
3 - Back to life - Fatty Who? (Back to strife Edit) (Dub)
4 - Western Did a Skank - Loefah and Trigga (Zed Bias VIP)
5 - LFO / Dancing - LFO vs Zed Bias & Omar (Dub)
6 - Tug - Zed Bias (Swamp81)
7 - Hackney Parrot / Get Get Down (Zed Bias VIP)
8 - Black - Boddika (Swamp81)
9 - Couchlife - Zed Bias (Swamp81)
10 - Break 4 Love - Zed Bias Bootleg VIP mix
11 - No Biggy - Louis Fingers and CK Francis (Biasonic)
12 - Elevations - The Beat Corporation (Dub)
13 - Cut G - Zed Bias ft GiVEN (Biasonic)
14 - Flam - Zed Bias ft Chunky (Swamp81)
15 - Tricolor - Epic Jackson (Biasonic)
16 - Ground Collapse - Hayfever (Maddslinky 'NJ Shuffle remix)
17 - Skank - Brackles and Fox (Dub)
18 - The Pressure - Zed Bias and Krystal Klear ft Grace Love (Dub)

FADER Mix: Zed Bias