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Lil Herb, “Koolin’” MP3

Lil Herb (aka G Herbo) prepares for his long-awaited “Welcome To Fazoland” tape with “Koolin’,” a weighty bit of conscious drill.

February 11, 2014

Lil Herb (who's in the process of changing his name to G Herbo) prepares for his long-awaited Welcome To Fazoland tape with massive new single "Koolin'." Along with Lil Bibby, he represents a small but vital sect of Chicago rap that could almost be classified as "conscious drill"—noncomplacent, contemplative, big-picture "Chiraq" raps paired with hard-ass beats. On "Koolin'," Herb's best example of this style yet, he details cops' unfair stake-out practices alongside his penchant for True Religion, then closes with this weighty line: Can't forget about this hellhole, I spent my life in it. Welcome To Fazoland drops Monday February 17.

Download: Lil Herb, "Koolin'"

Lil Herb, “Koolin’” MP3