Watch The Guys’ “Blow (Intro),” Versatile Rap from Chicago’s IRL Brothers

The Guys have proven themselves Chicago’s most versatile duo in recent months—from tinny, minimal bop anthem “Flee” to angry political rap via Ice Cube, “Still Wanna Kill Sam”. Their latest, “Blow (Intro),” makes it clear that these dudes can rap. Over an old school, soul-sampling production by Fya Starta (half of the duo, along with Heavy Smelly), the IRL brothers go in on deadbeat dads, Chicago’s ills (Duck duck goose? We was young playing duck duck shoot, you get tagged, that’s it for you), and running from cops. And when you think you’ve got the song figured out, the beat switch-up to early Kanye pianos in the last minute soundtracks the best rapping out of Chicago I’ve heard all year. The Guys’ debut mixtape is due out soon.

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