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Stream: Beyoncé f. Jay Z, "Drunk In Love (Detail Remix)"


Detail was instrumental in the writing and production of runaway-Beyoncé hit "Drunk In Love," as others involved in the album's production have said (as Drake does in his Rolling Stone not-cover story), his process was a little rushed. "Usually when I do songs I go in in post-production," he says, "I didn't get any time to go in in post-production because of how early the release was." The song turned out great anyways; but now, two months of tinkering later, he's shared an alternative version. The 7-minute remix drops the drums, ups the orchestra and, most importantly, it salvages a moment that was for some reason left on the cutting room floor: Beyoncé hitting what Detail calls a "Whitney Houston, Bodyguard, 'I Will Always Love You' note." In other words, almost 30-seconds of looooooooooooove. Happy Valentine's day! Stream the remix and listen to Detail talk about his process below.

Stream: Beyoncé f. Jay Z, "Drunk In Love (Detail Remix)"

Posted: February 14, 2014
Stream: Beyoncé f. Jay Z, "Drunk In Love (Detail Remix)"