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Listen to SAINT PEPSI's K-Pop-Sampling "Baby"

Everyone likes to point out that SAINT PEPSI is very young, and it's true his music taste is hyper-eclectic in a very Gen Y way; he's remixed seminal emo, professes his love for Tegan and Sara on Twitter, and has a fuck-guilty-pleasures approach to Top 40 that's refreshing. But there's nothing all that precocious about "Baby," the latest from the producer's new full-length Gin City, a track which premiered over at Gorilla vs. Bear today. Here, SAINT PEPSI takes South Korean boy band 4men's hit "Baby Baby" (embedded below) and re-imagines it as a skittering, sad, early-morning dream. Gin City comes out soon, on February 25th, and I'm probably going to splurge and buy a very small bottle of Bombay Sapphire for the occasion.

Stream: Saint Pepsi, "Baby"

Listen to SAINT PEPSI's K-Pop-Sampling "Baby"