Future of What Announce Debut Album, Pro Dreams, with “The Rainbowed Air”

future of what pro dreams


I’ve been riding for Blair since I started here, and will continue doing so until she stops having one of my favorite simple singing voices on earth. Hers is a plainness that’s never plain, or is as plain as me but makes that seem better. In 2012, she helped start the Brooklyn band Future of What, swapping in synths for what was in her solo work mostly guitars, and this year—at long last—she, Sam Axelrod and Max Kotelchuck have readied a full-length that capitalizes on the group’s promise. Pro Dreams comes out soonish, starting with lead track “The Rainbowed Air,” which makes me want to smash into another person in the way, as a kid, you could push two things of Silly Putty together so hard that they were one blob, colors perceptibly different within it.

Stream: Future of What, “The Rainbowed Air”

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