Stream: Nothing, “Endlessly” & “Get Well”

Nothing shares “Endlessly,” a track from their Relapse Records debut, Guilty of Everything.

Photographer Shawn Brackbill
February 20, 2014

Philadelphia's Nothing recently unveiled two more cuts from their forthcoming LP, Guilty of Everything. The brittle, arpeggiated guitar line on "Endlessly" (via Rolling Stone) exemplifies the band's penchant for making even the tenderest of moments feel bruising, whereas the up-tempo "Get Well" (via NPR) sees the band inserting moments of heart-fluttering lyricism into an otherwise straight-ahead rocker. As you can probably imagine, Guilty of Everything, which is out March 4th on Relapse, is quite the emotional roller-coaster.

Stream: Nothing, "Endlessly"

Stream: Nothing, "Get Well"

Stream: Nothing, “Endlessly” & “Get Well”