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Video: Matti Baybee, "Somebody"

Young Legend, last summer's debut mixtape from Chief Keef's younger cousin Matti Baybee, was a blast of sparkly, sing-song proto-bop, with lyrics about stunting at the mall and other teenage flexes. Now 16 years old, he's back with "Somebody," a new single and video (produced by Marley336 and shot by Zae)—and he sounds grown! His professed love of r&b occasionally snuck into his earlier work, namely his obsession with melody, but it comes through full force here, its chorus interpolating Aaliyah (by way of Drake) over a beat that sounds like flower petals opening in slow motion. He also references Atari, which predates him by about two decades. Young Legend 2 is expected April 1.

Video: Matti Baybee, "Somebody"