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Download Lil Silk's Son of a Hustler Mixtape

Son of a Hustler , the debut mixtape from Lil Silk, sounds like the byproduct of eccentric young Atlanta under the influence of Saturday morning cartoons and way too much sugary cereal. It's hyperactive, spastic and spontaneous, colored by Silk's untouchably unpredictable adlibs and the sense that the dude just can't sit down. It's mostly brand-new tracks, with a couple hits released over the past few months: yelping meta-rap number "Rapper" and harder-edged banger "Silent." Highlights include "Party Anthem," the production of which sounds like "Stoner" flipped inside-out, and "Still Geeked," the sequel to the shimmering paranoia of "I'm Geeked."

Download: Lil Silk, Son of a Hustler

Download Lil Silk's Son of a Hustler Mixtape