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Download Saint Pepsi’s Gin City EP

Early this morning, a couple minutes after midnight, Saint Pepsi premiered his new EP, Gin City, via an “online music venue” called SPF420. There were only like, 200 people in the “room” when he unveiled the five-song release, and the streaming audio sounded like garbage, like an mp3 ripped from a YouTube video ripped from a CD-R. But it didn’t matter, because Gin City had all 200 people cheering, or at least typing “omg” a lot in their respective bedrooms. His fans are rabidly loyal, I realized, and they’ll probably stay that way as long as he keeps churning out fully-formed songs that are as restless and nostalgic and sonically curious as these. Stream and download Gin City (in its intended quality) below.

Download: Saint Pepsi's Gin City

Download Saint Pepsi’s Gin City EP