FADER Mix: patten

With the release of his new album for Warp, ESTOILE NAIANT, we thought who better to mix his way through these parts than the ever-interesting British producer.

February 25, 2014

After patten's memorable Dollars to Pounds interview, a somewhat esoteric but certainly clear-minded conversation about the subjectivity of reviews and value systems in music, and with this week's release of his new album for Warp, ESTOILE NAIANT, we thought who better to mix his way through these parts than the ever-interesting British producer. Surprise surprise, he made something incredible. Tracklist and another short interview follow the download.

Download: patten's FADER Mix

Where are you right now? What's around you? February 22nd, 2014, 51°30′26″N 0°7′39″W, London, UK, 00.53. Surrounded by 00:52 and 00:54

How do your albums document changes you've undergone between making them? I wonder as an artist and more importantly just as someone in the world if it's possible to work on another sort of methodology. Maybe to try and leave behind the idea of the self as centre & engage with things on a different path.

Where do you get your album titles? The term ESTOILE NAIANT was made using a medieval language called Heraldic Blazon. The language itself evolved to precisely describe the images that combine to form a coat of arms. So the LP title essentially leads to a very clear image. That image in an oblique way sketches out something about how this and other records might be looked at. It's like a prism to approach it through.

What was something you read last year that you identified with, or were affected by? It's genuinely hard to think of something I read last year that I didn't identify with or feel affected by—it's all important.

What do you like to cook, and how do you make it? I suppose trying to find ways of allowing invisible, seemingly-fixed structures to become fully visible and permeable is, in a way, just like cooking.

Baka Pygmies - Hut Song - Cameroon: Baka Pygmy Music (UNESCO Recording) (1977 Odeon/EMI)
Kyle Hall & Kero - K2 Attack! - Zug Island (2012 Wild Oats)
Legowelt - To the Homeland - The Paranormal Soul (2012 Clone)
Gerry Read - Kontrol Yourself - Saucepan Jams (2013 Self-released)
I:Cube - Transparent Sea Creatures - "M" Megamix (2012 Versatile Records)
Holly Herndon - Chorus - Chorus (2014 RVNG Intl.)
Jam City - Garlands - Club Constructions Vol. 6 (2013 Night Slugs)
Lee Gamble - Nowhen Hooks - Dutch Tvashar Plumes (2012 PAN)
Chris & Cosey - Tantalize - Songs Of Love & Lust (1984 Rough Trade)
Aphex Twin - Delphium - Selected Ambient Works 85-92 (1992 Apollo)
Rezzett - Fire Bomb - Rezzett EP (2013 The Trilogy Tapes)
Zomby - Quickening - With Love (2013 4AD)
Anthony Naples - El Portal - El Portal (2013 The Trilogy Tapes)
Factory Floor - Breathe In - Factory Floor (2013 DFA)
Drexciya - Danger Bay - Drexciya 2: Bubble Metropolis (1993 Underground Resistance)
Laurel Halo - Hour Logic - Hour Logic (2011 Hippos In Tanks)
Moodymann - Tribute - Forevernevermore (2000 Peacefrog)
Lukid - Blind Spot - Boxing Club (2010 Glum)
Four Tet - Calamine (Radio Mix) - Glasshead/Calamine (1999 Output)
BNJMN - Slowwave - Hummingbird EP (2013 Rush Hour)
FaltyDL - Play Child - Bravery EP (2009 Planet Mu)
Le1f - ΩΩΩ - Dark York (2012 Greedhead/Camp & Street)
Kassem Mosse - Inswanna - Enoha EP (2011 Nonplus)
Dream 2 Science - My Love Turns To Liquid (Original Mix) - My Love Turns To Liquid (1990 Power Move Records)
Illangelo - Crash Landing - History Of Man (2013 Bromance Records)
Actress - The Lord's Graffiti - R.I.P (2012 Honest Jon's)
Joy Division - Insight - The Peel Sessions (1986 Strange Fruit)
Goldie - Pressure/Jah - Timeless (1995 FFRR)
Hype Williams - Rise Up - Kelly Price W8 Gain Vol II (2011 Hyperdub)

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FADER Mix: patten