Video: Tommy Kruise, “Hers”


“Hers,” the latest from Montreal producer Tommy Kruise, is a wash of warm, heady atmospherics reminiscent of a DJ Screw tape warped by radio feedback; it sounds like what being based feels like. It’s the video, though, that’s transcendent. Directed by Martin Pariseau, it presents a day in the life of Bogdan Chiochiu, a real-life, music-obsessed fan of Kruise’s music with Asperger syndrome. In the words of Pariseau:

I met Bogdan six years ago in Cégep, which is a pre-grad educational institution in Québec. Bogdan is actually not that different than you and me and wants the same things out of life: love, friends, success and freedom. Bogdan speaks six languages, knows more than anybody you know about all kinds of music and is the realest person I know. He’s also obsessed with radio waves, always looking to catch a show from Morocco down to Venezuela from his tiny room. For all these reasons, Bogdan and Tommy seemed like a perfect match for each other. Bogdan changed my life and is a true genius.

“Hers” is set to appear on Kruise’s forthcoming EP, currently untitled, and will appear in RBMA Bass Camp Montreal this week.

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  2. warden says:

    please someone give him some better earphones.

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  5. Sarah Kondorosi says:

    Awww he’s sooo cute!

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