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First Look: Fanmail’s Cozy Boy Classics

Fanmail offers up a no-nonense word of sustainable basics.

Photographer Milan Zrnic
February 26, 2014

A sort of anti-fashion ideal has been sweeping over good style for the past few years—a mass market, mom-and-dad look that New York Magazine has officially dubbed "normcore"—and at its nucleus are two ideas that are near and dear to our hearts when it comes to personal taste: comfort and simplicity. And though it might take more than even one of our favorite brands Degen to convince us that Crocs are right for us, the fall lookbook for Fanmail, a New York brand of sustainable basics, is exactly the kind of no-nonsense wardrobe that we could live in 24/7/365. Drake's on the same tip: he wore a custom Fanmail outfit in Paris and looked like the coziest boy in France. Shop the look here!

Posted: February 26, 2014
First Look: Fanmail’s Cozy Boy Classics