Gazelle Twin, "Belly of the Beast" MP3

photographer Esther Spingett


Faceless UK industrial-pop oddball Gazelle Twin, one quarter of the UK label/collective Anti-Ghost Moon Ray (who've been featured around these parts via Acquaintance, and put out her first album, The Entire City), will release her sophomore LP, UNFLESH, later this year. "Belly of the Beast" is the lead single, out March 3rd. It's a thoroughly haunting cut that opens with a few seconds sampled from the supermarket before kicking down the aisle displays with a gruffly distorted kick-beat and spoken vocals that sound a bit like Die Antwoord meets Fever Ray. Intriguing to say the least.

Download: Gazelle Twin, "Belly of the Beast"

Gazelle Twin, "Belly of the Beast" MP3