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Stream: Young Thug & Bloody Jay, "Parade"

Even with both Young Thug and Bloody Jay currently arrested for separate incidents (Thug for "drug possession, driving without a seat belt, reckless conduct and driving in a circular or zig-zag course 'laying drags'"), Black Portland lives on. It seems they'll continue working as a duo following their excellent collaborative mixtape: they've promised another project slated for release this summer, True Blood. Its first single, "Parade," is closer to earnest, pop-aspiring tracks from earlier in Thug's catalogue (see "Who's On Top" and "Fuckin Witha" from I Came From Nothing 2), with its triumphant horns and ecstatic hook: Stand up on that stage, I love all my fans, mama say hooray, everyone clap your hands.

Stream: Young Thug & Bloody Jay, "Parade"