FADER Mix: Untold

Fresh off the release of his apocalyptic-techno Black Light Spiral LP, Hemlock co-head Untold has hooked us up with a FADER mix that, like his production work over the years, spans much of bass music's darker environs: dub (and step), industrial and circuit-fried techno. It makes for an excellent companion piece to a really compelling record. Tracklist omitted upon request, interview beneath the download.

Download: Untold's FADER Mix

Where are you? Describe what's around you right now? It’s a hazy late winter afternoon. I’m in an empty pub in rural Hertfordshire. There’s a faint bleach odour and I can see some daffodils through the window.

I love that the Soundcloud genre tag for "Drop It on the One" is just "Untold"—even if coincidental, what can listeners take this to mean? That they reached the right page hopefully! I’m not trying to be a genre, just a tag.

What's something you've read semi-recently that affected you, and why? Chaos by James Gleick. That book affected me because now all I can see is turbulence.

For those of us who couldn't make it to the audiovisual show for Black Light Spiral—can you explain a bit how you've presented the album in a live environment? Visuals are provided by the incredibly talented CurrentCurrent buro. Together we’re trying to pressurise the room. Visually everything should feel molten and fluid. I’m running around the stage trying to keep all the machines in sync and playing drum solos on my modular synthesiser.

What do you like to cook and how do you make it? Instead of mad stunts or moob pics all my bros are now snapchatting me their phở or spelt corn dog or something and it’s getting me down down down.

FADER Mix: Untold