Stream: Cubby feat. Kwane and Current, “Cold”

Stream a track from New York producer Cubby, featuring vocals by Kwane and Current.

Photographer Josh Goleman
March 04, 2014


Even before Current's falsetto hook drops on this first missive from NYC producer Cubby, it's hard not to feel pretty smitten with the sound of the drums alone—the textural splay of the brush sounds, the just-a-little-too-slow snare. It's a fittingly drowsy foundation for a song about the stupor-like state we can fall into over the course of a protracted winter like this one, split between the calm, dull pleasures of a time when life [is] slow, nights [are] boring and the feeling that you want to sleep in instead of going to work in the morning but you have to brave the slush and keep grinding because your rent's past due. In fact, those are some of the literal scenarios described by the rapper Kwane, starting off all drawling and sluggish before eventually taking a dramatic left-turn into the suppressed anger that comes with a really bad case of cabin fever.

Stream: Cubby feat. Kwane and Current, "Cold"

Stream: Cubby feat. Kwane and Current, “Cold”