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#Normcore Was Literally on the News

#Normcore has officially gone #mainstream: the hot new "trend," which has been clogging everyone's feeds since NY Magazine's recent divisive article about young 20-something New Yorkers preferring Adidas slides to stilettos, was reported on by the local NYC television channel WPIX. In the video clip, the host—who created his own #normcore look with Hanes T-shirts—interviews people on the street about the #normcore lifestyle and unpacks the trend's icons, like Jerry Seinfeld, Louis CK, Steve Jobs and Barack Obama. "Even Barack Obama, for example, was criticized for wearing dad jeans," a blogger pundit explains. "And dad jeans is the essential people associate with normcore." Watch the clip above, which might just be the death of #normcore. Long live #normcore!

#Normcore Was Literally on the News