Rome Fortune, “Trap Pop” (Prod. by Dun Deal) MP3

By happy accident, Rome Fortune and Kevin Gates share two different takes on the same transcendent Dun Deal production.

March 18, 2014

By happy accident (for us, at least), it seems both Rome Fortune and Kevin Gates had plans to use the same beat from rising producer Dun Deal. Fortune was going to release it under the name "Trap Pop" on his forthcoming EP with Deal until Gates put out his version today, entitled "Stop Lyin'," on his kinda-album/kinda-mixtape By Any Means. Beat to the punch, Fortune released his version as a freebie today via FACT. I'm still undecided as to which version I prefer: Fortune's longtime chemistry with Deal shines here, but it's exciting to hear Gates over this wistful, EDM-leaning backdrop. Either way, it's a testament to Dun Deal's versatility—this is one of his most unexpected beats yet.

Download: Rome Fortune, "Trap Pop"

Download: Kevin Gates, "Stop Lyin'"

Rome Fortune, “Trap Pop” (Prod. by Dun Deal) MP3