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Stream: William Starr Busbee, "Forever"


The newest addition to the Orchid Tapes dream team is Columbia, South Carolina singer-songwriter William Starr Busbee, whose new full-length College Rock II is pretty perfectly aligned with the New York label's lovable vibe. "Forever" is my favorite type of pop song, taking that sulky lo-fi sound and adding a sort of Southern soulfulness to the formula. When he sings If only I could hold you forever/ if only I could hope to make you see/ if only I could finish my endeavors — all wounded, doubled-up vocals and hazy production — I imagine this is how a Bruce Springsteen song might sound to someone with an unhinged psyche. Busbee's virtual presence doesn't seem to exist beyond a couple hyperlinks to his old band's scuzzy material, but thankfully College Rock II will be out soon, IRL, via Orchid and pressed to vinyl by Fork and Spoon.

Stream: William Star Busbee, "Forever"

Stream: William Starr Busbee, "Forever"