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Video: Soulja Boy f. Migos, "Make It Work"

Bless Soulja Boy's heart: he's got a knack for presciently swooping in for collaboration right before an artist blows up, but for whatever reason, he has a tendency of inevitably fucking things up and irreparably burning bridges. Thankfully, he hasn't gotten to the bridge-burning stage of his relationship with Migos yet, as evidenced by their new collaborative video "Make It Work" (the original track appeared on last week's King Soulja II mixtape). Then again, would Migos be who they are today without mid-’00s Soulja's controversial but undeniable influence? The serpent of swag rap eats its own tail, but it's cool: Migos sound really good here.

Video: Soulja Boy f. Migos, "Make It Work"