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Video: Amen Dunes, "Lilac In Hand"


Since 2009, Brooklynite Damon McMahon has been constructing dusty psych-folk tunes under the banner of Amen Dunes. What started out as abstract, formless compositions has gradually become more grounded as McMahon’s continued writing. 2011’s Through Donkey Jaw married those early meanderings to his bedroom pop instincts, but his forthcoming LP for Sacred Bones, Love, pushes those inclinations toward traditional song structures even further, largely abandoning the muffled Syd Barrett modality of past LPs in favor of something more sunny-eyed. “Lilac In Hand” is one of the record's brightest moments, but as the accompanying video demonstrates, McMahon even renders optimism in grayscale. Love is out on May 13th.

Video: Amen Dunes, "Lilac In Hand"