Video: JAY 305, “Think Twice”


You’ll recognize the piano on South Central rapper JAY 305’s “Think Twice” as, of course, Little Dragon’s “Twice,” a dirging tone-setter if there ever was one. But the sample I’m trying to ID is the monologue intro: “I never thought about problems, I never thought about hurting nobody. It’s like, society brought this in me. I didn’t make myself. United States created me to be this person that don’t give a fuck.” Or the one the comes in the middle: “The devil’s just telling you to pull the trigger, and you pull it… You cry about it afterwards cause you realize what you’ve done, then all you can is continue living life and hope it don’t happen to you.” As documentary-seeming clips worked into a song that’s only really a half-song—JAY 305′s riff on the original “Twice” is basically a based freestyle—these vocal samples taken on outsized meaning, making the whole thing seem real and hard, from JAY’s lamentations to the four RIPs that come at the end. “Think Twice” will feature on Taking All Bets, out this June.

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  1. K.O. says:

    The guy in the intro saying fuck everything, that’s an excerpt from Hangin Out with the Bloods a documentary from the 90′s.