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Stream: Chief Keef, "Shooters"

Chief Keef let loose a couple new songs this weekend, the best of which was the haunting, 12 Hunna-produced "Shooters." If you can ignore DJ Hustlenomics' incessant bellowing, it's one of Keef's most gorgeous beats since Finally Rich, though lyrically he's icier than ever, even comparing the size of his AK to his daughter. There's no confirmation where the track will end up; Keef's been working on a handful of projects simultaneously, including Back From The Dead 2, Bang 3 (which now will be released as his second studio album, tentatively set for June) and because he is Keef, a Bang 4 EP that will precede Bang 3. In fact, according to his Instagram, it could drop any day now: "iTunes? 2day 2morrow? I'm Gettin Tired? FuckDaLabel."

Posted: April 07, 2014
Stream: Chief Keef, "Shooters"