Stream: Tijuana Panthers, “Cherry Street”

Hear a track from Wayne Interest, Tijuana Panthers’ third album.

April 08, 2014


Some of the first real ragers I ever experienced in college were at a punk house on Cherry Street in Northampton, Massachusetts. The parties basically consisted of a bunch of dudes in band shirts standing around in a kitchen drinking 40s, but some kind of trouble would always go down, like somebody backing up into someone else's car, or falling asleep in the snow drunk; I think the first time I went there, there was a girl from a nearby college shooting a bb gun inside the house. It was a pretty gnarly place to hang out, but the music was always good, and I think I'll always associate the idea of "Cherry Street" with the ethos of partying every night like it's your last day on earth, which I think is only something you can really pull off when you're too young to realize that you've still got lots and lots of days ahead of you. Maybe everyone just has a Cherry Street of their own, but this scruffy, sing-along anthem from Long Beach's Tijuana Panthers brings me back to combined recklessness and heart-fluttering excitement of those times, especially with that instantly nostalgic, New Order-esque guitar riff. It's a track from the group's upcoming LP, Wayne Interest, which they recorded in Oregon with producer Richard Swift, and is coming out on June 3rd via Innovative Leisure. Check out a trailer for the album below, along with the tracklist.

Stream: Tijuana Panthers, "Cherry Street"

1. Four Horsemen
2. Torpedo
3. Cherry Street
4. Dark Matter
5. Sooner Or Later
6. Fired
8. Time
9. 7th Seal
10. Everybody's Happy Nowdays
11. Reaction
12. Wayne Interest
13. Money Jar
14. Car Crash

Stream: Tijuana Panthers, “Cherry Street”