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Stream Duck Sauce’s Quack LP

Stream Duck Sauce’s long-time-coming debut in its entirely.


I was living in Dublin in 2010, the year that Duck Sauce's "Barbra Streisand" went viral. I first saw the track's cameo-filled music video in my apartment, on Ireland's version of MTV, and by the end of that week it was everywhere. It played in gloomy pubs, cool basement lounges and needlessly pricy nightclubs, in the crowded shops on Grafton Street, and even the brightly-lit aisles of Marks & Spencer's grocery department. It was borderline inescapable, but after a few pints I'd be itching for it to come on anyway, partly because I wanted to dance and partly because I enjoyed seeing the effect it had on a crowded bar. It was just that kind of song: elementally infectious and wordlessly giddy. In the years the followed, Duck Sauce (Fool's Gold co-founder A-Trak and house DJ Armand Van Helden) followed-up the success of that track with a string of festival-ready earworms. Some of those singles are collected on the pair's long-awaited full-length, Quack, which is out April 15th via Fool's Gold and is streaming below in its entirety.

Stream Duck Sauce's Quack LP

Stream Duck Sauce’s Quack LP