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Stream: Lana Del Rey, "West Coast"

I can hear Lana Del Rey's new song, "West Coast" blaring from my editor's office down the hall; I think he's on his second or third listen, and no one's complained yet because it sounds really, really nice. You can kind of imagine it playing from a jukebox at the Viper Room or something, like a drugged-up and unearthly "California Dreamin." The song—our first official preview of her upcoming LP, Ultraviolence—is another Lana love letter to old Hollywood, and for four minutes of music she's the only "silver starlet" that exists, the leading lady of her own iconic film on loop. Below, watch her sing a verse a cappella on stage in Las Vegas, and for more, read Duncan Cooper's essay entitled "Why Did Lana Del Rey Make a 30-Minute Video About God and What Does It Mean For Me?"

Stream: Lana Del Rey, "West Coast"