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Stream: Future f. André 3000, "Benz Friends (Watchoula)"


Earlier this week, Future generously let loose an almost-full pre-stream of his seriously anticipated sophomore effort, Honest. We say "almost" because the stream is short a few songs, including what has maybe been the most highly anticipated track of the bunch: the André 3000 collab, "Benz Friends (Watchoula)." Well, now it's here and it was well worth the wait. Over a Organized Noize-produced beat thats laced with choral chants, they shrug off their foreign cars and all the hangers-on scrambling for the passenger's seat because, as André puts it, affection is so convenient when ballin', correction: these hoes don't mean it when fallin'.

Stream: Future f. André 3000, "Benz Friends (Watchoula)"

Posted: April 18, 2014
Stream: Future f. André 3000, "Benz Friends (Watchoula)"