Stream: Steve Sobs, “Ugh”

Hear “Ugh,” a song from Brooklyn singer-songwriter Steve Sobs’ upcoming Waaga cassette, Heavy Heart.

April 21, 2014


I went to high school in the early '00s, and this song reminds me of something that one of my college radio rock-obsessed male high school friends might have written for a girl he was crazy about, couching the self-revelation and vulnerability of the gesture in a cynical-sounding, Calvin Johnson-esque snarl. As though he's sorta looking back at high school self, too, Brooklyn songwriter Steve Sobs, aka Eric Littmann, sets his baritone reminiscences of a broken love against the backdrop of a visit to his suburban hometown. Dude sounds deadpan as hell as he sings about driving around, making rounds, checking your old hangs, your old ideas, but there's something super charming about the juxtaposition of his voice with those fluttering acoustic guitar chords, like a sweetness he's unveiling inspite of himself. Steve Sobs' Heavy Heart collection is out May 13th via Waaga, both digitally and as a limited-run cassette.

Stream: Steve Sobs, "Ugh"

Stream: Steve Sobs, “Ugh”