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Stream Attic Abasement's New LP


New music from Attic Abasement, the Bandcamp-based recording project of Rochester, New York songwriter Mike Rheinheimer and his band, feels like a hard-earned present. They haven't released anything since 2010's secretly-classic Dancing Is Depressing until today, when they uploaded a split LP with another band from upstate NY called Nod (though I can't seem to find Nod's half on the internet). I'd heard a few of these songs already, like the witty, saddened "Mannequin," a song about having a best friend who's made of plastic that Ricky Eat Acid put on his FADER Mix a couple months ago. But this kind of rambling, post-rock realism works best as a collection, so that we can get the whole range of emotional places Rheinheimer tends to pull from: humor, dread, cynicism, and—occasionally—hot-blooded anger.

Stream: Attic Abasement's New LP

Stream Attic Abasement's New LP