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You Can Compose Music With Your Brainwaves at Moogfest

Festival-goers at Moogfest in Asheville, North Carolina have been given the opportunity to make their own music. Forget synths, though; this is with your brainwaves. Oh okay, and a mobile app connected to a brainwave sensor. A BRAINWAVE SENSOR. As far as festival merch goes, that wipes the floor with everything else. Thanks to an "immersive augmented-reality installation" conceived by creative studio Odd Division, you just pop one of the sensors on, download the app to your phone and wander round the city happily composing music without giving it a second thought. Except, of course, it's your thoughts that do the work: "It's mostly two bars that you can control by either focusing your attention or letting your thoughts flow and it makes music according to it," one attendee told us. Read all about it on the Moogfest website, peep a promo video below and download the app here. Moogfest runs through April 23 – April 27.

You Can Compose Music With Your Brainwaves at Moogfest