Stream: Dalhous, “Abyssal Plane”

Stream Dalhous’ stark, weighty “Abyssal Plane.”

April 28, 2014


For Dalhous, darkness appears to come in more than dribs and drabs. Fresh off the March release of the Visibility Is a Trap EP, their second effort for Blackest Ever Black in as many years, the cimmerian Scottish duo of Marc Dall and Alex Ander is already poised for a June followup with a new LP called Will To Be Well. If this new track, "Abyssal Plane" is any indication, Dalhous is up to the same old tricks, crafting crepuscular Boards of Canada-inflected ambient tracks. Though the track relies here and there on some clattering drum patterns, the general effect is contemplative rather than propulsive. The emphasis is on Dall's distant synth parts, equal parts nostalgic and foreboding. Will To Be Well reportedly explores Dall's continued fascination with the work of Scottish psychiatrist R.D. Laing, but you don't need to know, well, anything about that man's work on anti-psychiatry to appreciate what's going on here. It's stark, weighty stuff, even without the hefty philosophical backing. Will To Be Well comes out June 30th on Blackest Ever Black.

Stream: Dalhous, "Abyssal Plane"

Stream: Dalhous, “Abyssal Plane”