Hear UNIIQU3’s FADER Mix, and read an interview with the Jersey Club producer.

April 29, 2014

New Jersey’s Cherise Gary, aka producer/DJ/party promoter UNIIQU3, dropped a mixtape last month via Lit City Trax and Jersey Club collective Brick Bandits. It's called The New Klassiks, and If you haven't downloaded it already, its pounding rhythmics and risqué vocal flips make it pretty much the sexiest thing you could possibly bump over the speaker in the coming summer months. Pretty much the same can be said for the FADER Mix she's unveiling here, which weaves together bouncy UNIIQUE originals with tracks from her Jersey/Baltimore scene homies and of-the-moment club faves from the likes of Thugger and Future.

Download: UNIIQU3's FADER Mix

What are some of your favorite things about living in New Jersey? What I love about Jersey is that it has always had its own flavor. We set our own trends, especially when it comes to our lingo and our dance moves. There’s also always something to get into. You're only bored out here if you let yourself be bored. Some things you have to dig deeper and search for, but it's there.

What about living in Newark specifically? One of my favorite things about living in Newark would have to the summertime. There's a block party happening on almost every block, Jersey Club blasting from department stores downtown. It just makes me happy.

What are some of your least favorite things about living there? I love Jersey but the violence can get a bit out of hand sometimes. What disturbs me about it is that it's my generation doing it to each other. It’s getting better though. It's all about progress.

For those of us who are having trouble understanding exactly what it is, what are the key ingredients of the Jersey Club sound? It would be clever vocal chops, strong kicks with smooth bass line transitions. You definitely need a dope synth, and remember to keep it bouncy.

Where’s the best place to go out dancing in New Jersey these days? The best place to go right now would be The Life Lab. There's always a different variety of events going on there. From punk rock shows, to hip-hop showcases and underground parties, like my event #135. There's seriously nothing less than the best experience you'll have there. I pinky promise!

Where does the name UNIIQU3 come from? I got the name UNIIQU3 because when I started djing and producing, there weren't really any females doing it. Everyone kept telling me what I was doing was different and unique and the name just stuck.

What’s your favorite dish to make, and how do you make it? Damn that's so hard. Honestly, it's Fruity Pebbles. I'm a simple person [laughs]. I get a big ass bowl, pour all the cereal in the bowl all the way to rim. Get some milk out the fridge, pour it in the bowl, get a spoon and just indulge in my Fruity Pebbles.

1. Honda or Ferrari - Kill Season [skit]
2. Juelz Santana - Santana’s Town (DJ Problem Remix)
3. DJ Dwizz - D Mac (UNIIQU3 Remix)
4. Matic 808 ft. Brenmar - High Art
5. Nire ft Maluca - Commie Mommie (UNIIQU3 Remix)
6. UNIIQU3 - Imma Get Hype (prod by Felix Snow)
7. Beek - Naked
8. $1 Bin ft MADDEN - We Don’t Feel Like You Do ! (DJ TiGa Remix)
9. Busta Rhymes - Got Chu All In Check (UNIIQU3 Remix)
10. Young Thug - Stoner
11. Flosstradamus ft DJ Sliink - Crowd Control
12. Samir Debonair - Samir Theme (UNIIQU3 Remix)
13. Chris Brown - Loyal (UNIIQU3 Remix)
14. DJ Hook - MikeQ Ha
15. Move That Dope - Future ft Pusha T, Pharrell & Casino
16. Move That Dope - Future ft Pusha T, Pharrell & Casino ( DJ Big O Remix )
17. Give Some Room - Rod Lee (UNIIQU3)
18. That Bitch - UNIIQU3
19. Killa Season - Honda or Ferrari [skit]

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