Yung Lean Re-releases Official Merch Through VFILES


Musicians’ merch is the new all-over print, or something like that—Drake, Kanye, Young Thug and now rap game curio Yung Lean. Today, VFILES brought the Swedish sad boy’s plain white long-sleeve tee to the states, following a second sold-out run in Europe last month. The Unknown Death mixtape came out last summer, but is clearly as relevant as ever. Buy the shirt here for $70.

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  1. Big Grizzly Brick Flair says:

    “Musicians’ merch is the new all-over print, or something like that”

    What the fuck does this even mean? Do you exist in an alternate universe in which you can’t walk into a hot topic in any town big enough to have a mall and buy a shirt of any popular pop or rap star? I have no idea what the hell you’re talking about.

  2. whiteb0x says:

    are you going to be ok?

  3. 1000 says:

    70$? WTF!!!