New Antwon Video + Interview: “Some of my friends have told me I talk about sex a lot”

Watch Antwon’s “Don’t Care,” produced by Suicideyear and featuring Sad Andy, and read an interview about new LP, fucking and more.

May 01, 2014


Antwon and his Nature Boyz cohort Sad Andy reporting live from what looks like heaven in their new video for "Don't Care," directed by Cali Dewitt and produced by UNIF Clothing. Suicideyear did the beat, and Antwon's fittingly distressed—I cry alone at night… I know that deep down she hate me but she keep it all inside—but there's also this adorable bit after the obligatory raunch talk: Hug you from the back, kiss the side of your face. Real life though! Antwon's new album, Heavy Hearted in Doldrums, comes out May 6th with a limited picture disc vinyl up for preorder now. Below, read an interview about his new LP, fucking and more.

How accurate a representation of your life is this video? First off, we are all friends celebrating friendship in this video overall, and that is accurate! Cali wanted to bring out another side in this video something really sexy, smoothed out on the R&B tip. I honestly felt the same. We could've done a bunch of these things in the video that I feel would've kinda gave the wrong idea of what we were trying to do, but the stuff you see is as much a representation of us all, to be honest.

How is this song going to pop off live? Your live shows aren’t known for the dead-eyed, cushy lifestyle vibe, per se. I probably wouldn't do this song live, but if it becomes a hit, I then I think it will just be one of those unexplainable moments. I'll jus go in and call it a night! And when that happens, I'll bring a big parade of people dressed as birds during the song when we finally play at Hollywood Bowl lol.

Do you know anyone who loves fucking more than you? Judging by your twitter, seems unlikely. Some of my friends have told me I talk about sex a lot. I like sex but sometimes I feel like people today only have sex with people to seperate ourselves farther from each other. They think its some kind of free love thing spreading love, but nobody want to have that talk when true feelings arise. I'm not against anyone living to be free, but we need to be more honest with each other. It's a different time now and love can/will heal the world.

What's the best part about Sad Andy that people don’t know about? He's a crazy deep sleeper and he can sleep a lot hahaha. He's like the most down for everything and helps anyway he can. He's a great friend to have and I see the world loving him like all the squad does.

New albums coming this week. How are you feeling? What would you five years ago think about it? I'm very excited to see what happens. I mean, it can go either way. I'm just anxious about it mostly. This probably some of my coolest stuff yet. I'm working on more though, cause I got a lot of music still to be made. I think I was in the Elmwood County jail five years ago from now and coming out a very dark time in my life, so answer is I wouldn't even believe that this would probably ever happen to me.

New Antwon Video + Interview: “Some of my friends have told me I talk about sex a lot”