See Chief Keef & Friends as Cartoons In New Video “How It Go”

Chief Keef’s playful, almost cartoonish side has a tendency to reveal itself through his videos—giddily racing a four-wheeler through his back yard in “Citgo,” or bopping around with his head inside his jacket in “Love No Thotties” (not to mention the weekly videos of the GBE bros dousing their sleeping friends with water). His latest, “How It Go,” has him at his warbly Autotuned best, perched triumphantly in front of the Chicago skyline in a custom velour tracksuit. But don’t miss the adorable, bleary-eyed cartoon versions of all the members of the Glo Gang that hurtle in from space halfway through (including the recently deceased Blood Money as a halo’d flying moon). Bang 3 and the Bang 4 EP are due this year (and not in that order).

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  1. ignorant youth says:

    wow how unpredictable thanks for sharing the same song as every other site in the world , and awesome it sounds exactly like every other song keep up the hard work! do you have any more music that demoralizes black people? and also you need to post more songs with autotune nobody doing that anymore..