Deniro Farrar Calls Out Sexism on “Notice”

Charlotte-based Deniro Farrar considers the female POV on his latest single.

May 06, 2014


It may be the reality shows, the Instagram memes, or the ceaseless discussion of "mains" and "sides" comparable to a KFC order, but the rap zeitgeist has been tough on the ladies these days. With cuts like Chris Brown's "Loyal" storming the charts, there's been little room for a voice championing the fairer sex. So Charlotte's Deniro Farrar may end up striking a chord with "Notice," a somber single off his upcoming Rebirth that catalogues the hardships facing young women trying to go along with their day. Single moms work two jobs to make ends meet, and trips to the corner store in form-fitting yoga pants become common scenes of street harassment--while Deniro doesn't offer a solution, his sympathetic ear is warmly welcomed: You ain't alone, so anytime you want to talk, don't hesitate, just hit my phone. Rebirth drops May 20th via Warner/Vice.

Stream: Dinero Farrar, "Notice"

Deniro Farrar Calls Out Sexism on “Notice”